Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Chicago Hacks

Thank You.

Thank you for making this all possible

We would like to thank all our sponsors, mentors, and hackers who helped us make this event a possibility. We had over 130 attendees and 30 projects submitted. Seeing all the great things people built at the event was really exciting, and we hope everyone had a great time. We had a blast organizing the event, and we cannot wait for next year.

-Chicago Hacks Team

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Prize Winners



1st Place

TeamSoylent, with members Mehul Ajith and Mohamed Sudheer, created a great application to help people with difficulty reading which landed them first place at our event. Their application, Dsyfer (pronounced like decipher), took a picture of text and converted it into a very accurate voiceover of the text... Read More



2nd Place

Team Blue took 2nd place with their beautiful weather app, RainDrop. They created a weather app that allowed the user to quickly check the maximum and minimum temperature through the use of a complex algorithm. The application sends a notification if the min and max temperature have a... Read More



3rd Place

Team PiDogs, with team members Mark Muranov and Nick Lyubenko, took 3rd place with their robot and software that helps those with special needs navigate around. They built their own robot and created voice activated software that sends commands to a server that processes the picture using... Read More

the happiness generator

Project Sunshine

Hack Harassment Category

Team members Cecily Kaufmann, Michael Kaufmann, and David Heiser created a Google Chrome extension called The Happiness Generator to win the Hack Harassment prize. Their team endeavored to end internet harassment one word at a time by locating offensive words and replacing them with kinder... Read More

chrome guardian

Chrome Guardian Category

Team SHIELD won the prize with their Google Chrome extension called Chrome Guardian which helps children discover the internet safely. Parents are often very nervous when it comes to letting their child use the internet, knowing that there is some bad stuff out there. Team SHIELD’s extension... Read More

Photos Courtesy of MLH and taken by Stan Golovchuk

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